What is USDN
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Stake USDN Stablecoin at 8-15% per Year*

Earn daily rewards without worrying about price volatility
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What is USDN

Neutrino USD (USDN) is an algorithmic stablecoin soft-pegged to the US Dollar and collateralized by WAVES. The stable exchange rate is maintained using an advanced stability algorithm  fueled by the NSBT token.

How does it work

Your staked USDN leverages the staking reward system of the Waves monetary policy and LPoS consensus algorithm. Staking rewards are distributed according to your contribution to the network with additional USDN. This mechanism is different from most other DeFi instruments generating high yields through borrowing, in which you put your assets at a risk of liquidation.
Up to 15% APR*rewards are generated and paid out on a daily basis (more info)
1 USDN = 1 USDHedge against market volatility from the comfort of your wallet
DecentralizedUSDN staking is governed by a smart contract, not by a central authority
Tamper-proofNeutrino’s smart contract resilience is verified by an independent audit*

How to participate

Pick an exchangeBuy USDN with a credit card or cryptoStake your USDNStart earning daily rewards after 24 hours

Choose a platform and start earning



This is not financial advice. Neither Neutrino protocol nor USDN inherently provide any guarantee for profits, token price and system or protocol stability. Staking USDN is subject to a variety of risks. Prior to obtaining the token, users must get familiar with the underlying technology and adhere to applicable laws to ensure they are authorized to legally obtain and interact with the token.
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